"A great job starts and ends with an exceptional customer experience, leaving you with peace of mind and a job well done."

A word from our Founder, NT Izuchi

Thanks for lending a few moments to learn more about our company. I unofficially launched Prime Spaces in 2006 as a sophomore in college. It was move-in day to our new apartment, and although myself and my roommates were all engineers, I seemed to be the only one who knew how to use a screwdriver correctly to assemble our furniture. Indeed, it was a grueling 2-day ordeal, but it uncovered a skillset that has lead to helping thousands of customers enjoy a stress-free assembly experience more than a decade later.


Why We Assemble


"We speak instruction manual."

We know your time is extremely valuable, and it’s probably one of the reasons you’ve landed here. Whether it’s a project to assemble furniture, exercise equipment or a gaming table, we understand these take time, expertise and unwavering patience - all of which we have gracefully mastered. 


Why Choose Prime Spaces


"We treat each customer as if they're the only customer."

On the surface, it may appear that what we provide is residential and commercial assembly services to our customers. While this is true, it’s certainly not the whole picture. Our technicians are extremely knowledgeable and undergo a 6-point criminal background check before starting any project. Our offer to you is a stress-free experience and peace of mind that your project will be completed in a safe, professional, and timely manner - all without you ever having to lift a finger. 

What We Value



Assemblers and other contractors tend to get a bad reputation. While some of it is warranted, it certainly isn’t fair to paint us all with a broad stroke. We never take on a project that we aren’t qualified or licensed to do and we honor our upfront pricing model so you can rest assured knowing that we will take on your project with the highest of standards.  



In addition to successfully completing your project, our technicians are also trained to offer you the best practices for maintaining and extending the lifetime use of your furniture or equipment. We are extremely thorough in our work which is why we proudly boast our 97% positive customer ratings. 


We understand that a major part of customer service is keeping you informed. This why prompt and thorough communication is a major focus for everyone in our organization.  This means sharing necessary information with you before, during, and after completing your project, showing up on time and in uniform so you can identify our technicians, and keeping you up to date while we’re on-site so that there are no surprises - unless it’s your birthday!

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